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Draft Mission:

  • This web site is devoted to the preservation of Tap Master Dr. James Buster Brown's legacy.
  • We will highlight the contribution made by Buster to this art form.
  • We will make this web site a dynamic shrine to his rich history by adding written selections, pictures, sounds and clips.
  • We hope to make this site a major source of information about Buster Brown for future generations of tap dancers.

Advisory Group (in formation):

  • Ofer Ben
  • Heather Cornell
  • Sean Garfield
  • Megan Haungs
  • Jim Lerman
  • Terry Lerman
  • Traci Mann
  • Leroy Meyers
  • Avi Miller
  • Max Pollak
  • Hank Smith

Contact Information:

    Dr. Buster Brown's Web Site - Advisory Group
    c/o Jazz Tap Center, Inc.
    P.O.Box 1050
    New York City, NY 10276, USA
    Tel / Fax: (646) 383-4949

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Please e-mail us more information